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This is the Only Blog or Website in the world,wich tells about Malyadri Narasimha Swami Temple in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh in India.Malyadri Narasimha Swamy Temple is a shrine located at Malakonda in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh.

View of Malakonda Temple

It is about 30 km from Kandukur. Situated on a small hill, this temple, set in a thick forest, is an important pilgrimage in the district. The shrine is dedicated to Narasimha,one of the incornation of lord vishnu.

Pongalla Pandillu (Here devotees make joggery rice for God)

The temple can be approached by road towards Pamuru.The nearest railhead is Singarayakonda railway station.You can be reached Kandukur by Bus.There are number of buses to Pamur,you can get down at Malakonda on the way.

Kesa Kandana Sala (Here devotees offer hair for God)
Sthala Puranam:Oneday Lord vishnu lies on the snake made cot (sesha panpu).Then godess Lakshmi is pressing pressing his legs.Lord vishnu says to lakshmi."Lakshmi you are the mother of the universe,do you have any wish i'll give".Then lakshmi says "I got lord vishnu as my husband .It's enough for me dear".

My Nephew and Sister's Daughter while offering hair

But on your wish i would like to ask onething hundreds of the peoples suffering with lack of knowledge about "moksham".If anybody chants your name they will get good health and wealth.So please create a holly pilligramage to make peoples as good humanbeings".

Lakshmi Pushkarini

Lord Vishnu accepted her wish and asks vanamala who is their favorite devotee to be a hill.She changed herself as a hill name is Malyadri and lord vishnu and godess lakshmi start living on Malyadri.Here we can visit lord vishnu as jwala Narasimha.


The temple opens on weekly once for satur day because once upon a time lord Brahma visits regularly malyadri narasimha.One day a king name is Banumanudu visits malyadri but at thattime no one was there.Lord brahma had just completed his worship and gone.

A narrow way towards Main Temple
Lack of preast Banumanudu fasts on fri day.Without food and water he spends through out the day.The next day lord Brahma visits malyadri.Then Lord narasimha says to Brahma this king (Banumanudu) fasted yesterday lack of priest,so appoint a priest for my worship only on satur day for humanbeings.Remaing week for Rishis and gods.

Entrance in to Temple
Then lord Brahma appointed a priest name is Narasimhasarma for the worship on satur day for humanbeings.Banu8manudu complets his worship with the help of priest.Since that day the temple opens on Satur Day Only.This is the story of Malakonda Narasimha Swami.

An Idol of Lord Jwala Narasimha

I took photographs of total temple,but cameras are risricted in Temple.That's why i could not take photographs of Idols.I have been visiting this temple so that i designed photographs as it is myself.You can watch above photo of Jwala Narasimha.

Later we buy sacred sweets at temples stall.Then we went to Sri Lakshmi's Temple.Below the narrow way towards Lakshmi Temple.If i might have put lot of wait?

Our elders say this is the narrow way, but any person with put on lot of wait can walk through this way without any trouble.

Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar
Below is the Lakshmi's Temple view from Lakshmi Pushkarini.We visited Godess Lakshmi.Here you can see the Lord Narasimha with Godess Lakshmi.

We had lunch at Temple (My brother is a priest in that Temple).At 3pm we returned from temple.We started walking .On the way we saw number of Caves and Idols.

In Above photograph I and My brother -in -law enter in to one Cave to visit Siva Temple.You can see the photograph of Lord Siva.

We had sacred water there,and reached bus stop at 4pm.We got on auto and strted journey towards Kandukur.On the way we visited Lord Hanuman Temple at Valetivari Palem.

Here we saw a big idol of lord Hanuman.Totally we enjoyed our pilligramage of Malakonda.We returned to home at 5pm in the evening.Bye..Bye...


aishu said...

thank you for the information......where can we stay?are there any good hotels?

aruna kandula said...

Nice.. It's been almost 7 years that i didn't go that temple. In childhood days, I use to go there every summer vacation. All those memories still float at the back of my mind.
My grandfather had founded one of the steps to the temple and had donated some money way back in 1950's when my dad was a small child. Still remember the shiv temple and the monkeys who roam all around that temple, ready to snatch any eatable in your hand :-) . But the peace you get while sitting there is really awesome. I hope I do visit this place again in near future with my kids.

Sanjeev Raju said...

yes.such a great temple wonderful climate,natural things and forest.the way of root also excellent